Saturday, 8 November 2008

It Suits Albert Tatlock...

From the Daily Mirror, November 3, 1983:

Albert Tatlock, that crusty old Coronation Street regular, has worn the same suit in the series for twenty-three years.

It is a dark grey, three piece, woollen single-breasted outfit.

The secret of Albert's long-service suit is revealed in First Post (ITV, 4.20) when presenter Sue Robbie goes behind the scenes into Granada's wardrobe department.

Sue says: "A TV wardrobe department is usually taken for granted until a costume or period drama crops up.

"But there's still work to be done every day, including a present-day series such as Coronation Street."

Noreen McGuire, the Street's wardrobe mistress, says: "Albert Tatlock's suit is a very ordinary, standard one.

"But Jack Howarth, who plays him, is very comfortable in it and he doesn't like change.

"Albert does have another suit which is much newer and comes out for special occasions. But he always goes back to the old faithful."

Jack, 87, has played Albert Tatlock ever since the first episode in 1960.

A Granada spokesman said: "The suit has seen better days but it is still serviceable."

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