Sunday, 26 July 2009

Pardon The Expression On DVD And A Gamma Garments Van...

The first series of the mid-1960s Coronation Street comedy spin-off, Pardon The Expression, starring Arthur Lowe as Leonard Swindley, is now on DVD - and the release of the second series follows in early August.

What a treat!

I'd also love to see more of the Gamma Garments Corrie years available on DVD - Mr Swindley and Miss Nugent (Eileen Derbyshire) in a spin over Mr Papagopolous, and cheeky young Doreen Lostock (Angela Crow), anxious to escape (she joined the Army in the end!). Just look at the photograph above - Mr Swindley pontificating and preening away, egged on by the very enthusiastic Miss Nugent, and that great twin-mounded beastie behind him.

Simply the best Corrie comedy.

The Gamma Garments die-cast model van sometimes turns up on eBay. It's great to see that fondly-remembered scenario recognised in this way, but it would be even better if there were more Gamma-era episodes available on DVD to accompany it!


  1. I've got a competition on August 17th to win one of two of the newly released DVD sets of the 2nd series of Pardon the Expression! Check the Coronation Street blog on August 17th for the competition.