Thursday, 17 November 2011

More About The Pillar Box...

Post Office official souvenir cover - introduction of the new style posting box, 31 July, 1980.

We wrote about the poor old Coronation Street pillar box destroyed by a tram in the (then) latest story-line for sensation hungry viewers last year. Replaced with a new style box apparently from Planet Zog, we now discover that it is from Planet 1980s as Postmaster General has written with the details:

The original box from the sixties was a double ring box with the Victorian cipher. I think the box was a replica, possibly fibreglass, I did see a good closeup on youtube. The famous box that was destroyed by the tram was an odds and sods box. It was fitted with a George 5th door on a later Elizabeth 2nd body, made by Carron Company. The present box is known as a K-type, and this particular one is made by Carronade, I just caught a glimpse of the maker's name one day whilst watching. There were five makers through the years of this box, which started in 1980, finished 2000.

Many thanks. So, Coronation Street now has a 1980s-style pillar box, very like the one in Brookside Close way back then.


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  1. Wayne CoxMay 02, 2017

    I'm afraid your contributor has the box which was destroyed in the tram crash the wrong way round.
    It was a Type B pillar box with a GR cipher and 'McDowell Steven / London & Glasgow' on the front base.
    Soon after its installation in 1982, the Queen visited the set and the door was changed in her honour to one bearing the 'EiiR' cipher.
    So a modern door on an earlier body.