Sunday, 23 June 2013

Back On The Street - The Big Question: " 'Oo's She?"

Well, lovey, we couldn't be bothered with a Sunday roast. Bought some barm cakes from Alf Roberts at the Corner Shop yesterday and 'ad 'em for our dinner today - three 'am, two cheese 'n' a corn beef. We've sided pots and we're just puttin' our feet up with a nice box of mint imperials. Before we settle down to a lovely evening in front o't telly, we thought we'd give yer a little bit of a brain teaser: here's a young madam who lived in Weatherfield many moons ago. She were nowt but trouble - yer can ask anyone, ask Ida Clough - but who were she? Ooh, nasty perm. But they were all the rage when she lived 'ere.

Alf Roberts from the Corner Shop - "Three 'am, two cheese, 'n' a corn beef". He knows who she was.


  1. It's Andrea Clayton who lived at number 11 with her parents and sister in 1985. She got pregnant and the father was Terry Duckworth.

    1. Right, luv! We'd 'ave thought that Terry Duckworth would've known better. He wasn't exactly sweet and innocent, was he? Mind you, the way he was brought up. Dragged up more like!