Thursday, 11 July 2013

Tracy Langton/Barlow - The Way She Was...

Christabel Finch, seen here in a signed photograph from the early '80s, was the very first Tracy Langton. The photo made me think of the first few years of Tracy's life, back in the days when soap operas were so much less sensationalised and so much more sane. Well, usually!

Poor little Tracy Langton! Born in January 1977 to proud parents Ray and Deirdre (Deirdre wanted to call her Lynette but Ray baulked at that as a first name and registered her as Tracy Lynette), this little girl soon found life was a bit of a puzzle.

In 1978, Tracy's loving daddy moved away to Holland, and, in 1979, she and her mum moved from No 5 Coronation Street to live next door at No 3 with "aunty" Emily Bishop. 1980 brought another change of residence, as Emily married Arnold Swain (or thought she did) and Deirdre and Tracy relocated to the flat above the Corner Shop, where Deirdre began work after the death of Alf Roberts's wife, Renee.

1981 brought yet another move, with Deirdre marrying Ken Barlow and moving with Tracy into that glorious museum piece, No 1 - home of Mr Albert Tatlock, grouch of that parish.

So, by the time she was five, our Tracy (luv) had lived in four different locations in one tiny terrace. What a feat!

But, apart from that, life was pretty simple for Tracy back then. Wasn't it?

Hmmm... well...

In the late 1970s, as well as her father walking out on her, she was kidnapped from outside the Rovers Return, moments before a lorry careered out of control and hit the pub. And in the early 1980s she managed to lock herself in the lavatory at the Corner Shop. What a calamity!

More on the early life and times (and changing faces) of our Tracy soon.

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