Saturday, 28 February 2009

More About Archie Street...

Richard has written to say nice things about Back On The Street (ta very much, luv), and is particularly interested in our Archie Street article. Archie Street, of course, contained the terrace which was used as the template for the original Coronation Street exterior architecture.

Do you have a picture of Archie Street shot from the other end, featuring the pub? asks Richard.

Well, Richard, I do have a pic of Archie Street as seen from St Clement's churchyard in the 1960s, but there is no sign of a pub on the corner - furthermore the corner frontage does not appear to have been altered in any way, either.

I have seen the closing credits to several early Corrie episodes featuring the Archie Street houses, and there appears to be a large pub (representing the Rovers) and a building which doubled as Ena's vestry (which was actually on the other side of the street in the story) on the corner. But was this simply achieved by cutting up various photographs and placing them side-by-side - snipping out the extra houses (the Archie Street terrace had more than Coronation Street) - and adding pub and vestry frontages from other locations, so that when filmed close up all would appear to be one continuous terrace?

If some kind soul out there has already solved this puzzle, I'd be very grateful to hear from them.

And thanks again to Richard for getting in touch.

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