Thursday, 21 January 2010

Brian And Gail - The Big Question...

You remember Gail and Brian Tilsley, of course, don't yer? 'Course yer do - young marrieds of the 1980s - had a couple of kiddies, she worked in a cafe, he were a garage mechanic, she thought she'd got pregnant by his Australian cousin, he got stabbed outside a nightclub...

Anyway, back in the 1980s much was written about Brian and Gail. Were they going to be starring in a steamy bedroom scene? Was little Sarah Louise Brian's daughter or the other feller's? Why didn't Gail do something different with her hair? Why was Brian so muscular when the character only worked as a mechanic and never mentioned going to the gym? Did those big shoulder pads give Gail a more-than-slight resemblance to "Popeye"? Why had Brian suddenly grown a great big mullet?

And so on, and so forth - you get the picture.

But, apart from their famed "bedroom scene", Gail and Brian did something that was truly groundbreaking for Corrie couples back then - something no other Corrie couple had ever done before. Do you know what it was?

If you do, please leave your answer in the comments.


  1. Divorcing and remarrying within a year?

  2. THey showed the two of them together in a double bed.

  3. They got married twice?

  4. The first to marry each other twice, followed by others in later years: Ken and Deirdre, Steve and Karen, Kevin and Sally, Jim and Liz.

  5. To those who answered that Brian and Gail were the first Corrie couple to divorce and remarry, well done - exactly right!

  6. I'm too young to have seen them together but Gail is a classic character