Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Duckworths' Stone Cladding - Which Year? And The Changing Cast Of The Street...

At The Granada Studios Tour - knocking on Vera's front door and in the hall. I loved messing about on the Street's exterior and interior sets! As usual, I've blanked out my physog - it's not for those of a nervous disposition.

Tony writes to ask:

When did No 9 get stone cladding?

The notorious year was 1989, Tony!

Sara asks:

How many of the original cast were still in The Street in 1970?

Only a handful, Sara. Of those who actually appeared in the very first episode, there was Annie Walker (Doris Speed), Albert Tatlock (Jack Howarth), Ken Barlow (William Roache), Elsie Tanner (Pat Phoenix) and Ena Sharples (Violet Carson). Two other members of the original cast who did not actually appear in episode one remained at the start of the year - Jack Walker (Arthur Leslie) and Minnie Caldwell (Margot Bryant - originally an extra). Arthur Leslie died during 1970, and Jack was laid to rest in June, having died whilst on a visit to his daughter.

By the start of 1980, the original characters had dwindled to Annie Walker, Albert Tatlock, Ken Barlow, Elsie Tanner and Ena Sharples. Ena made her final appearance in April, although nobody was aware of it at the time!

The early months of 1984 saw the original residents reduced to a total of one - Ken Barlow.

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