Thursday, 27 May 2010

1989: The Duckworths' Stone Cladding - An Abomination?!

February, 1989: the cladding of No 9, Coronation Street...

After my recent post commemorating the 21st anniversary of the stone cladding at No 9, Val has written to say:

The cladding's an abomination! I've read it's coming off soon. High time - it looks ridiculous!

You sound like Prince Charles in 1984, Val - the "monstrous carbuncle" speech! I think the stone cladding is fun and although I never watch Corrie now, I'm glad it's still there - a tribute to Vera and the days when the show was a little quieter.

As for the cladding coming off, yes, I've heard it too.

Reminds me of the summer of 1989, when Donna, a work colleague and good pal of mine, went to Manchester for the Granada Studios Tour.

She returned, chanting: "Cue, cue, Sally Webster, Sally Webster!" and with the hot gossip that in a future story-line the Duckies' stone cladding was going to fall off!

Of course, it didn't.

Vera: "Great, ennit? Dead exclusive!"

Jack: "They'll all want it doin', yer know - I reckon every 'ouse in the street'll be after 'avin' it done!"

Vera: "Ooh, I 'ope not! No, if they all 'ave it done, well... won't stand out, will it?"

"Does that look straight to you?"

"When you cover one eye, it looks to go down at one side..."

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