Thursday, 13 May 2010

Coronation Street - Newspaper Quiz Fun, '81!

Tabloid Street fun from 1981! The Sun, October 31, 1981, featured two quiz questions with Street relevance.

This sultry young lady later found fame playing the notorious femme fatale in one of Britain's most popular telly serials.

She is still* getting in her six pennyworth in the long-running show. Who is she?

*Remember, this was 1981!

Don't bother to write or phone - if you don't know the lady concerned, then I'd be very surprised indeed!


Fancy yourself the champ in your family at knowing all the top talent on telly? Here's your chance to find out just how good you are.

Just crack the clues to come up with the right names. And we've even given you some pictures to make things a little easier.

Well. 'er in't curlers is easy to recognise. That's 'er from Number 13. But do you know the other hot celebrities of 1981?


  1. I only recognise Jean Alexander and Tom O'Connor

  2. Oliver Reed, Tom O'Connor, Paul Daniels, Jean Alexander and Adam Ant!