Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas Past And Christmas Now

December 1987 - a fond farewell to Hilda Ogden!

An e-mail from Sara:

I'm very glad to have found your blog, reflecting as it does on the good old days of the Street.

I was sickened to discover that Jed Stone is to be murdered - strangled - by Tony Gordon, serial killer, in this year's Christmas Eve edition. Do the show's producers imagine that we, the audience, are baying for blood? Doesn't this type of thing de-sensitise people to real life acts of violence? Fair enough, the Street has always featured violent happenings and endings for certain characters, but nowadays it's relentless. What sort of people are we, the audience? And for this to happen at Christmas too - a holy time!

And Jed Stone is one of the Street's 1960's legends.

On a different subject, will you be including more material on Hilda Ogden, played by the wonderful Jean Alexander, from 1964-1987?

All the best for Christmas and the New Year x

I reply:

Hi, Sara! Christmas greetings to you too!

I'm not sure of the background to the Jed Stone murder story line - perhaps Kenneth Cope simply wanted a short stay in the show? I too feel that it's a shame the character is to be murdered.

Soaps have changed, things move on. We may feel certain changes are not for the best, but if we don't like developments we can always switch off.

You're very welcome here - we're stuck in a time warp where it's never later than 1989!

Rest assured - there will be lots more about Hilda Ogden in the weeks to come.

UPDATE 25/12/2008

According to the synopsis of today's episode on Corrieblog, Sara, Jed may not be dead after all - which is a very pleasing thought!

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  1. We just don't know!! It doesn't *seem* like it but then Tony was seen cleaning evidence out of the van later. Probably he wasn't dead, though. I would like to think he'll be back when Tony gets caught to testify and seal Tony's fate.