Wednesday, 31 December 2008

"Stan Get Your Dinner!"

Mr Adam Ant and Mr Stanley Ogden - happy days!

I've just been down to my local shop for some, er, lemonade to see the New Year in and playing on the shop's radio was Adam And The Ants' 1981 hit Stand and Deliver. Instantly, memory's floodgates opened wide. I was suddenly back in my final year at school, twiddling a Rubik's Cube, and an ardent fan of The Ants (and Madness and Toyah).

Me and my school mates used to love to mangle the lyrics of current pop songs back then. Well, we didn't have a lot else to do - there were no mobile phones, the ZX Spectrum didn't arrive until '82 and the World Wide Web, which opened up the weird and wonderful world of the Internet to us, wouldn't even be invented until 1989 - and wasn't in motion until the 1990s!

It was a different world.

Much as we loved Adam and his Ants and their Stand And Deliver, we couldn't resist a spot of mangling. "Stan Get Your Dinner!" we'd shrill in glorious Hilda tones whenever we heard it. We thought it was so funny. "Cor, wot a larf!" we said.

Bunch of pillocks, weren't we?

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