Thursday, 1 January 2009


Miss Mavis Riley, circa 1980.

Rick writes:

A picture of Mavis please! Don't you agree that Mave was the ultimate Corrie character?

Certainly one of them, Rick - she was a great favourite of mine. I only have one Mavis photo at the moment and it's pretty small, but I hope it's OK!

Cathy writes:

Happy New Year! I love this blog... it's different! What made you start it?

Happy New Year to you, too, Cathy.

To answer your question, The Street helped to see me through some pretty bad times when I was a kid/early teen in the mid-to-late 1970s and I grew very interested in its history way back then. I drifted away from the show in the early 1980s because my life had become rather busy, although I still followed it whenever possible.

Now I'm a happily married and (unhappily) mortgaged forty-something, I often reflect on my youthful fondness for The Street and lots of other things from "back in the day", as the saying goes. So, I thought I might as well share my collected material, knowledge, thoughts, feelings and general ramblings with other interested folk through this and my other blogs.

I'm glad you like Back On The Street so far and hope you continue to visit here.

Thanks for getting in touch.

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