Monday, 1 September 2014

1982: Albert Tatlock, MBE!

 31/12/1982 - and Jack Howarth gets the MBE! Richly deserved - cloth-capped grumpy old Albert was such a favourite - something between a lovable garden gnome and a troll sitting in the Rovers Snug. The award was for Jack Howarth's tireless charity work. "Off screen he is a cheerful, energetic man" says this front page article from the Sun newspaper. 

We love Albert! "Love?" you ask. "But he died years ago! Wouldn't loved be a more appropriate word?" No, because, despite the fact that both Albert and Mr Howarth died in 1984, whenever we watch old episodes of the Street, Albert lives again - and we enjoy Mr Howarth's performances just as much as we did when they were originally broadcast. Albert Tatlock is definitely one of the immortal characters of the Street.

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