Sunday, 7 September 2014

Phyllis Pearce - From Dragon To Old Romantic

When Phyllis Pearce, played by Jill Summers, made her Corrie debut in 1982, she was hailed by the Press as a new Ena Sharples. And, although NOT in Ena's heyday class, she certainly had a sharp tongue. She nagged at Chalkie Whiteley. She bossed and fussed her grandson Craig. And she wasn't scared of Elsie Tanner, either.

But, after doing a disappearing act for a while after Craig and Chalkie emigrated, Phyllis returned to the district to work at Jim's Cafe and was very different.

She set her cap at Percy Sugden, dallied with Sam Tindall (to try and make Percy jealous) and was a fun-loving old duck.

A bit sad and a bit lonely.

But fun-loving all the same.

Phyllis was young at heart.

In fact, she was SO young at heart that she wasted no time in letting Emily Bishop know exactly what she thought of her when Percy moved into No 3 as Emily's lodger in 1988.

Fancy Emily trying to pinch her fella!

We think it was sensible of the production team to not try and mould Phyllis into a replacement Ena.

Ena was irreplaceable.

And Phyllis carved her own little niche in Weatherfield history simply by being Phyllis.

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