Friday, 5 September 2014

Hilda's Flying Ducks - Again!

The late 1980s - and Hilda and her ducks were upwardly mobile, as she went off to be housekeeper to posh Dr Lowther.

Hilda's ducks - and, of course, Stan's photo - continued to take pride of place in Hilda's new abode.

We've already covered the story of Hilda's ducks here - but Paul has written about them, asking:

When did Hilda's ducks disappear? And do you have a photo of your own flight of birds?

Hilda's ducks bade a final farewell in December 1987, Paul, when Hilda left. She was very fond of them. They had, of course, once belonged to her Aunt Aggie.

Regular readers will know that I inherited my great-grandmother's flight of birds a few years ago. I put them up for the sake of piece and quiet - my mother would have been highly offended if I hadn't - and some friends called our house "The Oggies" for a while. But they're not ducks. However, the idea is the same and those sorts of wall ornaments were very popular years ago.

I've taken a piccy for you, Paul.

And yes, that is a serving hatch in the wall below great grandma's birds.

But our house is nothing like Stan and Hilda's.

Apart from that.


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