Saturday, 8 August 2009

Albert Tatlock - High-Flying Gadabout!

Posh Albert - mixing with Roddy Llewellyn.

Whilst Albert was stuck in The Rovers, hoping for a rum, Jack Howarth who played him was apparently often out and about, mixing with the great and the good.

From Peter Tory's Diary, Daily Mirror, February 9, 1983:


CORONATION STREET actor JACK HOWARTH (he plays grumpy Albert Tatlock) will be 87 next week. But he rarely misses an important party in London.

The other evening he was hob-nobbing with PRINCE MICHAEL OF KENT. Here he is at another function discussing the Mike Baldwin-Deirdre Barlow situation with PRINCESS MARGARET'S former boy friend RODDY LLEWELLYN and MRS TANIA LLEWELLYN.

The Llewellyns are both fans of the TV show, which is watched by 16 million people every week.

Jack is much admired by MRS THATCHER, who gave him the MBE in the New Year's Honours List. He supports her policies and would like to meet her.

What was the "Mike Baldwin-Deirdre Barlow situation" mentioned in the article?

It was the famous Mike/Deirdre love affair, of course, which had an awful lot of people on the edge of their seats back in 1983.

Even posher Albert - mixing with Annie Walker.

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