Wednesday, 5 August 2009

E-mails... '80s Shoulder Pads...

Sarah has e-mailed me all the way from Canada and asks:

I loved your post on Rita and the '80s shoulders. Are you planning further glimpses of '80s fashion?

Thanks for getting in touch, Sarah. I've been watching a glut of late '80s Corrie episodes and the fashions leave me staggered. '80s fashion is back in this country - I see blonde-streaked hair, off the shoulder tops, neon socks, leggings, ra ra skirts and other '80s glories every time I go out and about. Remember the trend for neon mesh in the mid-to-late '80s? Yesterday, I saw a young girl wearing neon pink mesh arm warmers!

The men in Corrie were conservative dressers, but the women...

Yes, it might be fun to look at the Corrie fashions more closely at some point. At the moment, I'm busy hiding away '80s photographs of myself - especially the ones featuring my neon blue linen jacket (with the rather large shoulder pads), cerise vest, and huge gelled/moussed hair - complete with blonde streaks.

But when I've got over the shock of the return of the fashions, I think I'd rather enjoy doing an '80s Corrie fashion parade post for the blog (I have another blog called "80s Actual" and find that decade fascinating) - and I'd like to write Corrie fashion features on the '60s and '70s too.

Thanks again for writing!

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  1. Amazing blue shoulders. Reet looks a bit like an alien ambassador.