Sunday, 9 August 2009

Said In The '70s - 2: Telly Watching With Uncle Albert Tatlock...

Ken Barlow (William Roache) - a frustrated telly watcher in 1976.

Ken was pleased to note that a Shirley MacLaine film was being shown on the telly one night in 1976. As he told Bet Lynch, hopefully he'd get Albert Tatlock to go to bed before the film started at 9pm, and then he could enjoy it.

Just after 9pm, Ken walked into the Rovers Return. Bet was surprised:

"Ah! Don't tell me - Shirley MacLaine run off with another fella!"

Ken: "Yeah, Uncle Albert, actually!"

Bet: "Ah, that I can understand!"

Ken: "He decided that he wanted to watch the film too, and that I couldn't stand! He's got this unbreakable habit of talking through the plot - you know, not the dull bits, he'll keep quiet for those, but let anyone try to say anything vital, and he's off!"

My wife says I'm just the same.

Flamin' cheek!

Anyway, back to our Mr Tatlock - bless him! Although he didn't actually appear in this particular episode, he certainly made his presence felt!

Poor old Ken...

Domestic bliss with Ken and Albert (Jack Howarth) in the early 1980s.

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