Monday, 24 August 2009

Kathy Jones - Coronation Street's Tricia Hopkins - Sings "Down Our Street", 1976

I have just enjoyed a YouTube clip of Kathy Jones, Coronation Street's Tricia Hopkins, singing a song called Down Our Street in 1976.

Late '70s and early '80s little 'uns will probably remember another venture Kathy was involved with for a while - the Granada children's programme A Handful Of Songs. A girl, a guy and a guitar, pictures and requests sent in by youngsters, and there you had a successful formula which certainly kept my two little sisters and their friends glued to the screen for the ten minutes or so that each instalment was on.

Below is some YouTube music - Tommy Steele, singing A Handful Of Songs, when it was a chart hit back in 1957. Lots more Handful of Songs '70s/'80s TV series details can be found here.


  1. I don't remember Kathy being in "Handful of Songs". Were her episodes only shown in the Granada TV area?

  2. No. I'm not sure how widespread across the ITV network A Handful Of Songs was, Warren, but I lived in the Anglia ITV region and instalments of the show with Kathy in them were certainly broadcast there. I remember it well...