Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Connie Clayton - Could She Make Perfect Pastry?

Clayton vs Duckworth: Vera (Liz Dawn), Jack (William Tarmey), Connie (Susan Brown) and Harry (Johnny Leeze) air their views in public. Flamin' Nora! What was that street comin' to?!

First it was Victor Pendlebury, now it's Connie Clayton - another obscure character from Coronation Street's past that has aroused great interest (well, ten e-mails!) here at Back On The Street.

Here's a few snippets from those e-mails...

Jane writes:

I remember Connie Clayton actually made it on to the legendary Black Type letters pages in Smash Hits in 1985! A reader expressed interest in the character, and Black Type pooh-poohed it, asking how much we actually KNEW about her? Was she qualified to look after Nicky Tilsley? Could she make perfect pastry?

LOL, Jane! Black Type is an '80s legend. I'm not surprised he covered the crucial topic of Mrs Clayton on his pages.

The MC Dent writes:

The Claytons struck a chord with me because they WERE so mundane and, as you wrote, all the conflict came from outside. Connie was very mumsy. I would of loved it if they had stayed.

Yes, it would have been fun, I think!

Keith asks:

Have you any more Clayton piccies? I was 9 in 1985 and they're one of my early TV memories. I liked Connie and Sue in particular.

The only other Clayton pics I have are featured in this post, Keith.

And finally, Sally says:

I know poor old Connie was miserable at Number 11, especially after the Duckworths kicked off. I think she had a particularly bad time, with Andrea letting the family down by getting pregnant like that and then Vera's dress. I think Connie felt it most of all. Do you know where the Claytons went when they flitted from the Street?

They went to live with Connie's mother for a while, Sally.

We've been watching episodes from 1988, featuring Alan Bradley's affair with Mrs Burns, played by Irene Skillington, and we can't help thinking about Ms Skillington becoming Mrs Clayton later.

And on that note, we'll close the book on the Claytons for a while.

But I'm sure we'll be featuring them again!

Vera thought that her new dress would make "Joan Collins look like a lollipop lady!"

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