Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Norris Cole, But Not Norris Cole Quiz Question...

Flaming Nora! It looks like Norris Cole has stumbled into a highly dramatic situation here!

But, of course, although the man on the right is Malcolm Hebden, now the lovely Norris, he wasn't Norris then. It was a different show and Mr Hebden was playing a very different character.

Can you name the show and the character Mr Hebden played?


  1. the ill-fated albion market?

  2. It's Albion Market I'm sure, but I can't think what Hebden's role was called.

  3. Great to get some responses so quickly. Yep, it it is Albion Market (which I actually liked - I'll get me coat!), but can anybody name the character Malcolm Hebden played?