Friday, 26 November 2010

When Was Mark Eden Wally Randle? Answer: 1981 - And No, You're Not Going Bonkers!

Wally Randle in 1981? No, you crate egg, it's Alan Bradley in 1988!

Speaking as somebody who can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning, I was set in a spin by an e-mail today:

Claire writes:

When exactly was Mark Eden Wally Randle in Coronation Street? A Manchester Evening News article states he was Elsie's love interest in 1974, and Mark himself indicates 1979 in his autobiography, yet I have all the Granada Plus repeats and it's 1981! Elsie was not even in the Street in 1974 - Pat Phoenix took a break from 1973-1976. Am I going bonkers?!!!!

No, you're not, Claire - Mark Eden was Wally Randle in 1981. He appeared from February to April of that year. I believe he landed the role in late 1980. Elsie saw Wally in a romantic light, Wally didn't see Elsie in the same way at all, and away he went.

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