Monday, 12 January 2009

1983: Beverley Callard Down On Emmerdale Farm

I've just published this article on The Beckindale Bugle, one of my other blogs, but I believe it is also of interest here!

Beverley Callard (then Beverley Sowden) made her soap debut in Emmerdale Farm in 1983. She played Angie Richards, a chip shop cashier, who was briefly Jackie Merrick's girlfriend. She had big hair. She wore pixie boots... and she was a little too modern for Beckindale.

The relationship was doomed to failure, the couple had nowhere to be alone together, and soon Angie was calling the whole thing off. This led to an altercation at the local disco: as True by Spandau Ballet played in the background, jealous Jackie almost came to blows with Angie's new boyfriend.

Jackie cooled it, and Angie disappeared from his life.

In 1984 Beverley Callard made her Corrie debut as June Dewhurst.

In 1989, Beverley became Liz McDonald, wife of big Jim, and mother of Steve and Andy - and more permanent soap stardom was hers.

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