Tuesday, 6 January 2009

What Happened To Deirdre's Hair In The 1980s?

Barbara writes:

What on earth happened to Deirdre Barlow's hair in the 1980s?

What happened to a lot of people's hair in the 1980s, Barbara? Gel, mousse, curling tongs - we had them all! And we misused them gleefully.

I was never without hair gel from the early '80s onwards and when I first saw mousse on shop shelves ("St. St. St. Studio, Studio, Studio Line...") I started using that as well.

The style Deirdre sported around 1987 was, I believe, known as a "shaggy perm" - one of the decade's "triumphs", but a little later she had what I can only describe as a brillo pad/bird's nest perm. The consistency was all wrong for a bubble and it was too short to be a shaggy! This style saw her into the 1990s.

The thing is, we didn't think those styles at all strange or unsightly back in the '80s/early '90s.

But it's so easy to spot fashion atrocities in retrospect!


  1. John in OaklandJanuary 07, 2009

    nowt worse than 80's curly hair

  2. The best decade for hair has to be the 1960s. But then the '60s was the best decade for EVERYTHING! I thought '80s hair was fun though - at the time!!!!

  3. I adore 1980's fashion - so much better than being stuck in 60's flares, 60's hippy gear or 50's Ted gear in the 1970's! The '80's were more varied, and there was a lot more freedom!

    Having said all that, Deirdre's hair looks absolutely terrible in your pic.