Sunday, 4 January 2009

Helen Worth Remembers Pat Phoenix

Helen Worth, whose character Gail Potter lodged with Elsie Tanner from 1976 to 1979, fondly recalled her time working with the Street legend in a 1990s interview:

"The enthusiasm was extraordinary. She never lost the love of acting, she was always excited about a new scene or a new story line. She really did love it!

"Pat, at the best of times, would wander off from the script - because she used to enjoy it so much that she decided if she thought of something better to say, she'd say it! And it was up to us to follow her. Her cue for 'drying' [forgetting her lines] was always: 'If I bang on the table, come in with something!' And so that was really the way we worked!"

Pat as Elsie in 1976, in conversation with Annie Walker: "I'll tell you something, if I had the chance of a fella who'd give me safety and security, another chance of a fella who'd give me sleepless nights because I never knew what he was up to... I'd take the sleepless nights!"

Annie, who knew Elsie of old, replied: "I have no doubt!"

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