Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A Screen Capture Request

Dorry has written to say she liked the recent screen cap of Len and Rita at the Kabin in 1976. How about another, she asks, this time showing Rita's face?

With pleasure, Dorry. Len had invited Rita to the Lake District with him. Rita turned him down, saying that whenever she went to the Lakes it always rained and it wasn't fair on the other folk who were there.

Mavis, who was tidying up the cafe at the back of the shop and overheard the entire chat-up and put-down, told Rita she was daft not to go. But independent Rita was convinced she would have been daft if she had agreed to go!


  1. Can we have a photo of Rita in her hey-day in the clubs as a singer please? I love that era of Rita.

  2. I've got some episodes with our Rita belting them out at The Gatsby. I'll look them out and find some nice captures to upload.