Saturday, 18 September 2010

How Far From Coronation Street To Albion Market?

How far is the Coronation Street set from the old Albion Market set? asks Stuart.

I've heard that the old Albion Market set is still standing. Is that true? And if so, could it be revived?

Look at the aerial view for locations, Stuart. Albion Market is just across the road from Coronation Street!

The Albion Market set is still recognisable, although part of the old warehouse has now been demolished and the (then) derelict warehouses nearby (which housed the "Bubbles" Disco in the show) are now the Victoria and Albert Hotel.

Several other buildings associated with Albion Market - the Waterman's Arms pub and Klyne's bookies - were demolished for the hotel development in the early 1990s.

It would be impossible to revive the show in the original setting, and, fond of it though I was, I don't think anybody would ever want to!

Read my '80s Actual Albion Market article here and an uploader to YouTube pays homage to the show below.

That theme tune sets my spine tingling!

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