Thursday, 9 September 2010

Which Year?

We're back after our summer break and we've got some fun planned!

We're not saying "Flippin' 'eck! The factory's blown up again!" or: "Is that a dead body you have there?" or: "Oooh, we hear there's a tram about to crash off the viaduct - we wonder who has a grisly death? Can't wait!"

Nope, we're saying: "Ooh, Mr Swindley, what a lovely window display!" and: "There you are, Elsie Tanner - we told you the pigeons were in your loft!" and: "Can WE join The Percy Sugden Formation Dance Ensemble, please, Mr Sugden?"

And to start off with here's a fun little brain tester. The photo of a past Corrie cast above features England's former Poet Laureate John Betjeman, a great fan of the show.

The cast line-up indicates that the photograph could only have been taken during one particular year. Do you know which year and just what indicates the fact?


  1. 1979? I can see Bert Tilsley's in it and he didn't appear til 1979 and Renee Roberts is there and she died in 1980.

  2. The cast line-up means it's 1979 or early to mid 1980.

  3. Scottish LordSeptember 14, 2010

    Could be anytime at all from early '79 to mid '80 - Bert and Renee are there.

  4. Yes, it could be from 1980 or 1979. But there is a way of pinpointing the exact year which has nothing to do with Bert and Renee!

  5. Thomas SlatteryMarch 16, 2014

    Its 1979 at PYE awards the cast is with Sir John Betjiman Poet Laueate and Street fan