Thursday, 16 September 2010

Name That Cliffhanger - 1

First in a new series of posts - Name That Cliffhanger.

We'll provide you with screen caps, the episode's final line of dialogue and the year of broadcast and we want you to tell us what was going on, the details of the story-line.

Here, it's 1987 and we see a young man standing in a wet street watching a van moving away.

The closing words are:

"I'm gonna get you, Duckworth. I'm gonna kill yer."


  1. That was the guy that later played Gary Mallett but back then he played one of Terry Duckworth's mates (Pete something?). Terry, however, ran off with this guy's missus.

  2. It's Ian Mercer as Pete Jackson, ex-army mate of Terry Duckworth. Terry ran off with Pete's wife Linda in the 1980's. Ian Mercer returned later as Gary Mallett and thumped Terry!

  3. Ian Mercer as Pete Jackson - he was dishy back then. I felt sorry for Pete when his mrs ran off with naughty Terry and would of loved to comfort him!

  4. Yes, Ian Mercer was nice looking. His wife was called Linda in the show and I thought she was a mug to run off with Terry. I remember Pete (Ian) cried and it was well acted and I felt so sorry for him! Terry was back in Weatherfield, minus Linda, in 1988.