Friday, 29 October 2010

1985: The Claytons - A Week In The Life Of...

Connie Clayton: "Let's get this photo took, 'arry, I've got to get to't Co-op..."

Samantha has written:

I rated your post on't Claytons very highly. I was 5 in 1985 and I remember them and I loved them. How about writing some Corrie fan fiction, expanding on the Clayton theme?

Thanks for writing, Samantha. We don't do fan fiction here, mainly because I'm lousy at it, and the Claytons... well... I have very fond memories of them, but they weren't exactly thrilling were they?

Can you imagine a fan fic about them?


Dateline February 1985

Monday: Connie decided it was definitely a bacon-and-eggs-followed-by-hot-cereal morning that morning. There'd been a heavy frost and there were icicles hanging from the cludgie roof.

"I don't know," she said to Harry as he came in, "our Andrea were up till all hours studying last night. We'll 'ave to talk to 'er, 'arry."

"She's got a good brain in 'er 'ead," said Harry. "She'll be all right, love."

"Mmm," said Connie, doubtfully. "I've got to get on with Mrs Arbuckle's dress this morning. She wants it ready for her fortieth wedding anniversary do next week."

"Mrs Arbuckle? Do I know 'er?" asked Harry, sitting down to a plate of high cholesterol and tucking in with relish.

" 'Er out of Balaclava Terrace," said Connie. "You know 'er, 'arry - always on about her in-growing toe nails..."

I'd better stop writing this. I'm starting to enjoy it. I loved the Claytons, too, Samantha!


  1. Andrea was a silly moo to get involved with Terry "tight T-shirt" Duckworth.

  2. The Claytons had a satisfying air of normality about them, it's true. And more could have been made of Connie.