Friday, 8 October 2010


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Justin has written:

I wept to see that the Corner Shop has been destroyed by the tram crash for the 50th anniversary. It was the place where the very first scene was set in 1960. What are these people doing to Corrie? Jean Alexander asked Brian Park why he was destroying Corrie in 1997 - but now things are so much worse.

It's certainly a strong story-line, Justin! I'm sorry you wept to see the Corner Shop destroyed. It does hold many fond memories, and was one of the original meeting places (The Rovers being the other) when the show began.

The Corner Shop was transformed by Alf Roberts into a mini market in 1985.

Claire writes:

Only this blog would feature a post about Victor Pendlebury's resemblance to Stan Ogden! As Corrie blogs go, yours is quirky, insightful and unique. Keep it up!

Claire, I really appreciate your kind words. Thank you. And I enjoy writing the blog so I intend to keep it going!

Gavin writes:

Where do you get all your screen grabs from?

I have a lot of 1970s episodes, Gavin, from Granada Plus and 1980s episodes from Canadian TV broadcasts. Some of the '80s discs are in a sorry state, so it's taking me lots of time to transfer them to playable discs, but once I have there'll be lots more screen caps.


  1. The 50th anniversary bloodbath, including the destruction of the corner shop, is all down to Producer Phil Collinson - previously sci-fi producer. 39 years old, with the mind of a destructive 11 year old.

  2. I don't think that's terribly fair. Bloody story-lines were fewer and farther between when I watched The Street, but I still recall avidly looking forward to the shooting of Ernie Bishop, the Rovers lorry crash, the fire at the Rovers and so on when each story was leaked!

  3. Yeah, but the horrors have been upped by an incredible amount. Face it, the typical 1960s Street episode featured Ena rowing with Elsie; the typical 1970s episode Bet being told off by Mrs Walker; the typical 1980s episode Percy interfering in other people's business and thinking he knew it all. Soaps are sick now.

  4. There would of been a lot more disasters in the past if they could of done the special affects. And the corner shop and Kabin will be rebuilt and within a few months we'll be on to the next explosion. Soaps are not life - its all fantasy and I like the way they feed my negative instincts. The only thing I don't like is this is happening for the 50th anniversary. I think that's a bit crazy.

  5. The damage to the Street as seen in the released 50th anniversary tram disaster pics looks terribly contrived. The way the Corner Shop has been wiped out, but Number 13 apparently survives is pathetic. The damage does not appear to be random enough.

  6. Just seen a pic of the Kabin with a tram sticking out of the side of it. Surely, a tram travelling at speed would of done more damage? And all this hype about "carnage" and a "bloodbath" to "celebrate" the 50th anniversary of the program! What is Phil Collinson? A vampire? Same goes for the fans.