Saturday, 2 October 2010

Deirdre And The Gipsy Creams

Daniel writes:

The Web is alight with the latest Corrie sensation - Deirdre and the Gipsy Creams! They were a biscuit that is apparently not available anymore, but Deirdre offered the doctor a couple with a cup of tea in Corrie on Thursday, and apparently Peter Barlow has bought a packet from the Corner Shop!

Is it possible? I know you're a retro Corrie blog, not up-to-date stuff, but I wonder if, you being past orientated, you can shed any light on when they ceased to be, and whether any are still available? I'm sad, but thanks a lot!

Well, Daniel, even though I rarely venture beyond 1989 with The Street, I'm enthralled by the Gipsy Creams mystery. It's right up my street (groan!).

When did they cease manufacture? In the much-maligned 1980s? In the noxious 1990s? Or more recently?

Well, I'm not sure when they debuted, but indications are that they ceased manufacture about four or five years ago. In 2005, they seemed in short supply, but the packet pictured above has a 19 Nov 05 sell-by date. The manufacturer was McVitie's.

There's a lovely piece here about a rare 2005 sighting.

The only explanation I can find for Deirdre's recent treat is that the Corner Shop must have some very old stock!

How did I rate Gipsy Creams?

Well, GC fans, sorry, but I wasn't keen.

I much prefer Hobnobs - launched in the mid-1980s and still going strong - and absolutely beautiful after a dunking in a mug of tea!


  1. You can buy them here

    They are called Romany Creams on this site :)

  2. Ta for that! I'll stick with me Hobnobs though :)