Thursday, 21 October 2010

1988: Vera Duckworth - Don't Close Your Eyes!

The Duckworths - Terry (Nigel Pivaro), Jack (William Tarmey) and Vera (Liz Dawn) - trouble brewing...

When Jack received a cheque for £600 in October 1988, his compensation for the car accident with his ever-loving wife, he was chuffed to little mint balls. This would need keeping very quiet. Then there'd be no other claims on the dosh from his family.

But sadly, Jack's dear son Terry had already seen the cheque.

Jack didn't have a bank account and was totally ignorant of the workings of banks. He was shocked to learn that Vera had a secret building society account. She was willing to cash the cheque for him.

But, of course, she expected a share in the spoils.

It was her right.

Jack wanted none of that sort of business.

He was planning to keep the lion's share of the money and indulge himself. Booze? Bookies? Birds? Yep, you guessed it.

Vera was furious and caused a terrible scene in The Rovers, prompting mine host Alec Gilroy (Roy Barraclough) to dock Jack's wages and send him home with Vera to sort things out in private.

Terry looked on as his parents slugged it out. It was a familiar sight. Finally Vera decided to "put the frighteners" on Jack:

"Till I get my share, you'd best not go to sleep - not in this house!"

Jack was startled: "Why not?"

"As soon as you do, I'm gonna do somethin' nasty to you!" said Vera, ominously.

"Such as what?" Jack's voice contained a note of fear.

"You'll find out - when it's too late!" crowed Vera.

Jack finally caved in, and agreed to give Vera half the money, plus £50 to Terry who had helped him reach agreement with his soul mate.

Jack made Vera promise that there'd be "no rough stuff at night".

"'Course not, love," said Vera, giving him a cuddle. "Unless you offer. But that don't happen very often, does it?" And she sighed.

Vera put the cheque in her building society account.

Jack was disgusted to discover that the cheque would take several days to clear.

As the days ticked slowly by, Vera was having thoughts. Wouldn't it be great to buy a microwave oven, a washing machine and a bed like Krystle Carrington's of Dynasty?

The 19th of October 1988 was the big day - the day the cheque cleared!

Vera went to get the money and seemed to be gone a long time.

Jack was on tenterhooks. It was only ten minutes walk to the precinct. What was keeping her? Of course, Alec would not allow Jack a break from The Rovers to investigate.

When Vera at last returned to No 9, Jack was ecstatic - until she shared out the money on the kitchen table. £50 for Terry, as agreed, and £15 each for herself and Jack.

Jack couldn't believe it. Vera had bought a bed like a "tart's boudoir", a microwave oven, and a washing machine with the rest of what he regarded as HIS money.

And no amount of reasoning on her part - the fact that she had bought things which would benefit them and save the money from being frittered away on booze and bets - could sway Jack at all.

He slammed out of the house, unable to speak.

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  1. Psychological torture from Vera there!