Tuesday, 12 October 2010

We Love Victor Pendlebury

Victor Pendlebury (Christopher Coll) romances Mavis Riley (Thelma Barlow).

"Wally" was a wildly popular insult of the early to mid 1980s (there was even a book called "How To Be A Wally"), and here we find Victor Pendlebury and Derek Wilton (Peter Baldwin) being accurately described in a newspaper cartoon.

I can't help feeling I'm having my leg pulled here, but since I wrote my recent blog post on Victor Pendlebury, I've received no less than twelve e-mails ranting about the glories of The Saddleworth Sage. One even suggests that I rename this blog "The Victor Pendlebury Appreciation Society".

Well, ladies and gentleman, let's not forget that the highly conventional Town Hall planning officer that was the real Victor actually baulked at introducing his neighbours to the concept of his wildly bohemian trial marriage, and planned to pass Mavis off as "Mrs Pendlebury".

He wasn't that daring!

But still he excites interest.

Just imagine what might have happened if he had married Mavis! says Joan P.

He was a Heathcliffe to Mavis's Cathy, says "EastEnders Disliker".

He was a man amongst Mavis, says my wife.

Actually, he was rather a good character, says I.

Sadly, Victor, introduced in November 1982, never made it past minor intermittent character status, but judging by e-mails received here and viewers' reactions in the 1980s and early 1990s, the character made some impact. And just what might Mavis have been doing now if she had chosen differently?


  1. Victor was, quite simply, a man. And like most men he was simple.

  2. I really enjoyed the Victor/Mavis story.