Friday, 8 October 2010

Victor Pendlebury And Stan Ogden - Brothers Under The Skin?

They loved to go a-wandering... Victor Pendlebury (Christopher Coll) sets out with Mavis Riley (Thelma Barlow)...

Victor was a man of words. A man of action. A man of nature. A man of pottery. A man of... ooh, all sorts of things!

He was a breath of fresh air when he blew into Mavis' life in 1982... so different from dithering Derek Wilton.

Victor's attitude was so unconventional. So poetic. So literary. So craft-loving. So Stan Ogden.

So Stan Ogden?!!! you cry.

Why yes, I reply - at least according to "The Oggies" in 1983...

Sunday People, June 12, 1983:

Victor Pendlebury, rapidly rising rival to Stan Ogden as the male chauvinist pig of Coronation Street, must not be allowed to leave the show.

None other than the Oggies - the Stan Ogden Appreciation Society - say so.

They reckon Victor could become "the thinking man's big O" and have asked the producers to let him stay.

Leader Barry Trelawney said: "His disgraceful treatment of Mavis is superb - we knew he was a kindred spirit when he asked her to live with him at weekends only. He reminds us of Stan in his prime when he gave Hilda a dog's life. And when he demolished a bottle of sherry solo we knew he had Stan's hollow legs, too."

A Street spokesman sent a message of hope:

"Victor is slinking off alone - but we're sure we haven't seen the last of him."

My wife was very fond of Victor.

But then she has excellent taste in men!

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