Monday, 11 October 2010

The Duckworths And The Claytons

The Duckworths - Vera (Liz Dawn), Terry (Nigel Pivaro) and Jack (William Tarmey) battle it out at No 9, whilst at No 11 the Claytons - Andrea (Caroline O'Neill), Connie (Susan Brown), Harry (Johnny Leeze) and Sue (Jane Hazlegrove)) have a nice pot of tea.

Now, I'm not one for gossip, chuck, you can ask anyone - ask Ida Clough - but I remember them Duckworths in their heyday. Who doesn't round 'ere?

'83 it were they moved in, and a couple of years later the Clayton family moved in next door. Connie Clayton weren't that keen on't place - thought it had a funny atmosphere - but they moved in anyway, her, her old man - Harry, and the two kids - Andrea and Sue.

Well, I ask you, who in their right minds would move in next door to't Duckworths?

Harry was a milkman and he played the trombone. The trombone! I ask you! Funny beggar!

Andrea were studying for her A Levels - A-Levels! Should've been out working! Sue were less high falutin' - left school and got a job. Nice girl.

Connie used to take in dressmaking, and that's how she come up against Madam Duckworth. Vera wanted a posh dress making - said she'd make Joan Collins like a lollipop lady! I ask you! Connie made the dress and Vera weren't happy with it - and a right argy bargy started.

But in the meantime, Andrea had taken up with Terry Duckworth. Funny lad, Terry. Sly and had no fashion sense. Right slovenly. Thought she'd have had more sense.

Anyway, it turned out she'd been playing "Hide The Sausage" with Terry, and she ended up in the family way.

Well, that were it. The Claytons upped sticks and left.

And who could blame 'em?

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