Monday, 4 October 2010

The "Which Year?" Question Revisited

I'm a little disappointed by the response to the question I posed a week or two back - "which year was the photograph above taken?"

So far, readers have only established that it could be 1979 or it could be 1980. But there is somebody in the photograph, a member of the cast, perhaps even two members of the cast, who firmly pin the pic to one of those two years.

Come on, folks, take a closer look!


  1. Is it because of the fact that the line-up includes Suzie Birchall and possibly Steve Fisher?

  2. Yes! That's right - both characters left the show in 1979, so 1979 is the year. Well done!

  3. Probably 1979 as Ivy is in it and Renee.who died in 1980

  4. Quite right. The biggest clue is that Steve Fisher is there, and he left the Street in 1979.